Feature Request: DVO Retouch

As I'm evaluating Phoenix for a client, one of the key features that is missing from it is the ability to manually retouch frames. All the DVO effects are great and work most of the time, but there are certain defects that an effect just cannot fix and it is in those moments that I wish I could just take a brush and paint out the defect myself. Currently, the only way for me to do this is to load the respective DPX file of the frame into Photoshop, clean it, and then re-import it into Phoenix - which is another nightmare of itself altogether because there seems to be no way to manually initiate a cache refresh (At least none that I could find).

An effects tool that allows me to grab a section from any frame and then paint it into another frame would be super useful. DVO Fix kind of does that but in certain situations, it's not suitable because it does not give you any visual indication where the "fix stamp" is coming from in the original image and you always have to guess, which is tedious and time-consuming.

The idea for DVO Retouch would be to pick a correction and apply it in the target frame, not mark the target frame defect, and then haplessly try to scoll around with clumsy X/Y coordinates to find a spot that might color-match what you need. The technology for this is right there in DVO Fix but the different use case approach would require a different front end.

In addition, a simple soft feathered color brush with blend modes, etc would go a long way to manually paint out smaller defects by hand.

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    I agree that a Photoshop type interface for cloning is really needed.  Choose a clone source area prior to an actual stroke.

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