Bug in Quad View

This will probably be my last report for the time being, for a number reasons. Since I don't get a sense that anyone is paying attention to these forums, really, or the posts for that matter, I think my time is better spent working on my milestones instead of spending hours trying to help improve this software when there's no apparent interest.

Be that as it may, there is a bug in the Quad View. If you have the HUD text turned on, displaying frame numbers, etc., in Quad View the text is also enlarged. This is clearly not the desired behavior and a bug. The HUD text should remain the same size and only the underlying image section should be enlarged.

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  • Hello The Beyonder  ,

    I'm slowly replying to all of the messages, we're about to release a new version of Loki and it's taking a lot of resources. I'll be replying to your other messages today as well.

    Can you post a screen grab of the issue you're seeing?


    Gustavo M

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  • Thanks for the response Gustavo Mendes
    Unfortunately, my trial has expired and I can't take a screenshot, but it's really easy to reproduce the bug.

    Load up a composition and go into a shot. Hit F7 to display the HUD information, like the frame number, start frame, etc.
    No, hit the 0 key on the numeric keypad to get in to Quad View, and you will notice that the HUD text has been erroneously enlarged as well and is now covering a large portion of the screen.

    I hope this helps!

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