2 video on stack

Hi all,

there are 2 sources of the same video:

  • A (DVD) --> perfect but small
  • B (VHS) --> bigger but with a defect on center (macrovision?)

is it possible crop a video (B) until remains a horizontal part of 20px, and  show another source video (A) on the remaining 2 parts (up and down)?


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  • Sorry, right question: is it possible "patch" a video (B) with a portion of another video (A)?

    Example of patch --> 20px height and width as the frame

  • Hi Mario Rossi ,

    You can use the Shape and Router on the top layer to have just the section you need then add a Composite Over to use the desired section. Here's an example:


    You can see that I have clips on tracks 1 and 2; add a CC layer to the top clip and draw a shape around the section you want. Now, on the left side of the shape tool, click on Combine and change the alpha output dropdown to "This Layer", forcing the shape to output its alpha. 

    Add the Composite effect and the result will be correct:

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  • Thanks Gustavo for your help,

    I've a video clip.

    1) I've put it on 2 video tracks.

    2) Select the video on top, traslate some seconds on right

    3) I selected the one on top and add "Create new color correction layer for active shoot"

    4) enter on this Layer, select Shapes, draw a rectangle, then on Combine choose "Alpha Output: This Layer"

    nothing happen on preview 🤔


    5) I choose Composite --> Over

    6) Click "Add selected effect to current effect Layer"

    nothing happen on preview 🤔

    Please, what's wrong on my side ?


    • Mario Rossi sorry for the late response, maybe we can do a quick Zoom session so I can understand the issue?

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