Feature request: ROI for DVO Flicker

I'm just working on a very flickery shot which is basically static but someone rides a horse in from the left of frame. Obviously this is causing a significant flicker error. It would be great if I could simply draw an ROI around everything but the horse, and have Flicker calculate based only on that portion of the frame. (much like you would with Steady 2, for example)

Is there any other way to achieve this that I'm not thinking of? Some way to use blanking to exclude an area, but then uncover it after Flicker has been calculated? Is there some way to achieve this with the Matte Source tools (I haven't really dug into these)?

Thanks in advance!

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  • Hi Silas Dominey , you can use the tool as an FX layer instead of InputFX and draw a shape, that will limit the active region.

    • Hi Gustavo Mendes , that would also limit the active region of the image processing, though, right? So I would have a nicely deflickered shape but the area of the frame with the horse would still be flickery.

      What I would like is to process the whole frame, but use a region to calculate the DVO Flicker effect. I want to exclude the left side because the horse represents a big colour and luminance change which is throwing DVO Flicker off, but I still want the left side to be deflickered.

      I understand if this is not currently possible, but I think it would be a useful feature. The concept already exists in DVO Steady II, where we can use a small ROI to affect the whole frame.

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    • Silas Dominey I'll let the developers know about your request.

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