Track multiple shapes

Is it possible to track multiple shapes and have each of them inverted?
I can track two shapes but I can't seem to invert both of them to prevent them from being processed by DVO Dry Clean. It is always inverting only one of them and it seems to completely forget about the masking for the second one.

...actually, never mind. Shapes are such a performance hog, it brings everything to a crawl even with a single shape. They are pretty much useless because it's faster to paint out things by hand than to spend the time setting up the shape tracker and then having to deal with the brutal per-frame performance hit you get for ANY change you make to the frame, including something as trivial as matte painting.

The first-click syndrome is totally killing this feature, making Shapes pretty much unusable in real world applications. At least for my workflow.

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  • Hello The Beyonder ,

    The order of operations is really important in this case. Make sure you have your two shapes drawn and tracked, and instead of using the invert shape function in the Shapes tab, go to the Combine tab and change the operation to "And", now the shapes will be properly inverted together.

    Shape operations will be updated in the future, at the moment they're CPU-bound and not as responsive as we would like.


    Gustavo M

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