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I'm 100% a film guy. Unfortunately I have a new project that only has a video source master. I recently got new DVO Tools: Deinterlace, Upscale, Scala, Three Two, Twister, and Zoom - knowing this project was coming. That said, I have NO IDEA how they work. I could use a walk through. 

source #1: 29.97 DVD master HDCam - stepping through the footage I can see that it's interlaced and there are repeat frames. (file resolution is 1920x1080)

source #2: 29.97 Squeeze Master Digibeta - I don't see any interlacing or repeated frames. (file resolution is 720x486)

As ultimately this is for a blu-ray release, what should my steps be to get the best quality image out of this material - and keeping the audio sync correct.

I could use some help!

PS - this is all digital animation footage. No live action.

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  • Hi Craig,

    Reading the above suggests to me that source 1 originated as 24p and have been subject to some form of cadence insertion (3:2 or similar) to produce the 29.97 output. DVO Three Two will be able to remove this cadence and return to the original 24p.

    Source 2 sounds a little strange, the absence of interlacing suggests it 29.97p, in theory you'll be able to convert this to 24p using motion compensated framerate conversion in Twister, this would also need to be upscaled using either Upscale or Scala.

    Have you had a look at the DVO User Guides? https://forum.filmworkz.com/category/TalkDVO



    • Craig Rogers
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    • Craig_Rogers
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    re: #1 - I believe the repeat frames were due to the animation, not a frame rate change. If I just deinterlace, everything looks good. (when I applied the Three Two it was clear that it was removing frames it shouldn't be when the end scroll came up).  Rendering now. We'll see how that went. 

    #2 - still playing around. If the other was naturally 29.97, this one likely should be too. 

    FYI...there is no user guide for Scala or Three Two and the guide for Twister is a video that won't play due to "privacy settings".

    PS - Why do I not get sound when I playback?

    • Craig Rogers Make sure your file has a 48 Khz file, we don't support 44.1 Khz

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